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Located in a beautiful three-story Victorian greystone from the 19th Century in the heart of downtown Montreal, Da Vinci is a 10 minute walk from all major hotels and a 7 minute walk from the Bell Centre. Ristorante Da Vinci has been a premiere dining attraction and destination in Montreal for over 40 years.

Da Vinci is the essential Italian fine dining establishment where classics and innovation collide.



Da Vinci offers it’s guests a feast for the eyes, a refined palate and unique table service. With the highest regard for food preparation, a long and impressive wine list combined with an elegant interior design, Da Vinci sets the perfect atmosphere for the most memorable dining experience. Through it’s 40 years of service, Da Vinci has learned to accommodate everyone. Any dining experience, from your casual pre-game celebration or friends birthday party, to the corporate deal makers stepping in for dinner meetings and specialized private dining events. Ristorante Da Vinci is an essential fine dining establishment in Montreal. Here is where the cherished style of Italian hospitality and elegance meet without being pretentious.