Vincenzo Amodeo,

Co-Owner – “Un Italiano Vero”


Originally from southern Italy and a food aficionado, Vince is amongst the pillars of the Montreal restaurant scene. Over the years he has surpassed the expectations of many celebrities, whose portraits decorate the walls of the restaurant which now has its own “wall of fame”.



Whether with a visitor who’s discovering Montreal for the first time or with a regular that has been coming to the restaurant for years, Vince welcomes all guests with the equal dose of ease and warmth; he will strive to meticulously provide advice to his patrons according to the daily fresh arrival in the kitchen. You have particular taste and want to order something that doesn’t appear on the menu? Not a problem, with your particular preference in mind and given certain latitude, Vince will devote the proper care to pull out of the kitchen a dish that will amaze you and that only regulars share the knowledge.

With as much experience in the dining room as thatin the kitchen, he makes it a duty to personally greet clients, take a moment to chat with each and every one of them and strives to offer you an unforgettable experience. Together with his partner, Renato Ferrante, head chef of the institution, they share the same passion for consistency of service and high end cuisine. To faithfully transpose his native Italy to the plate, he surrounds himself with suppliers that carry products of the highest quality on the market. His concern for food pairing is obvious and his quest for the perfect wine has led to an impressive wine list. With all duos one can only be enhanced with the other and his perpetually striving for the wine list to be the most appropriate, comprehensive and complementary to the creations of the kitchen.

Animated with strong essential family values, he insisted on recreating an inviting and welcoming environment, informal without being too familiar. The establishment is full of memories which Vince wants to perpetually renew by ensuring that it remains a hot spot for all the milestones that punctuate life. Whether for a corporate event, a birthday or a simple family reunion, Vince will rearrange the space and its multiple possibilities, to make you feel at home while having the most attentive service possible.

Visionary and ambitious, it is not unusual to hear Vince saying how he wishes Da Vinci’s to be the best Italian restaurant in Montreal and eventually North America. Recognizing that excellence is reflected through the attention to details, Vince takes care of your dining experience by making sure to answer all your questions accurately and honestly to build a loyal and long term relationship Notably, one of his favorite quotes, which sums up his philosophy, is attributed to the patronymic restaurant “Details make perfection but perfection is not a detail.”Leonardo Da Vinci.

Involved in the business and charitable community of Montreal, Vince is a member of the Chamber of Commerce of Montreal Metropolitan, the Restaurant Association of Quebec, Casa d’Italia and Leonardo Da Vinci Centre. When he is not busy digging new findings in the wine department to surprise his customers, Vince is a motorcycle enthusiast, can be found on a green with his golf clubs or spending time with his family, including his two children who he has already started sharing the joys of cooking with.